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August 28, 2013
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You Didn't Know? by grievousfan You Didn't Know? by grievousfan
in which Twilight has a nerdgasm

My half of an art trade with the awesome amazing *RedApropos! :iconexciteddummyplz: His half here~
The original idea and script were all his, I just revised a few things and put pictures to it :dummy: derp~
Joke here is about an apparently lesser-known fact about Cadance; she was born a pegasus. Not sure where it was stated first but it says so in her Wiki.

Still iffy about the darn speech bubbles :iconwhywouldffffplz:

oh God I'm never drawing a Crystal Empire background again uuuuuuugh. This isn't even as detailed as the screenshot but I don't care :stare:

Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Hasbro/*fyre-flye

:star: Bonus! Step-by-step of second panel:…

:star::star: On Equestria Daily!… :icontwilightizhappyplz:
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MLPegasis4898 Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Celestia and Luna technically were born as alicorns, but Cadence was a pegasus, right? I mean, this was confirmed by Lauren Faust
Silly Twilight, you didn't know? Hope you don't bet a ton of bits because I'm sure you'll lose... :P :P :P
DestinyDP Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Aww how cute :)
Hate to rain on the parade, but the comics aren't canon. They contradict the show on a few points. Daring Do, the fact that Luna never would have been stuck on the moon but could have flown or even walked back to Equestria, the very nature of Nightmare Moon and subsequently the existence of Nightmare Rarity to name the more obvious ones.
actually, all of those supposed contradictions AREN'T.

1) Daring Do may be an author, but all the comics show is that Twilight's mom has an award titled "Darring Do" which could easily be resolved as a Daring Do being an award of its own for other authors who write stories for young adults which focus on supplying knowledge on REAL equestrian dangers through the use of a fictional medium.

2) Luna was never "stuck on the moon" that is all fanon. It was said from the very beginning that NMM was sealed IN the moon.

3) The parts about NMM vs NMR can still be resolved if you consider the basic concept of "unreliable narration" in that whoever is telling the story about NMM isn't necessarily an expert of every detail surrounding it. Even luna herself may not have realized what NMM really was. It appeared/infected her when she became jealous and resentful, so she may have believed that it came from her, but it may be something completely foreign that was able to infect her due to her jealousy.

Fans keep treating every piece of information that pops up on the show as complete gospel. Just because information is revealed doesn't mean that the pony/whoever revealing it can't be wrong. They don't even have to be lying for this to work, as different perspectives reveal only certain amounts of the truth, but without the whole picture they can only make assumptions.
grievousfan Feb 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh well. Not changing the comic now :P
yup cause cadence was a pegasis so ha
Twilight-Student Dec 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I AM SO EXCITED !!! :iconexciteddummyplz:
For a second there I thought twilight poked her in thhe eye.
JinseiKyuzai Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The comics may be semi-canon, but you still can't take the comics' word for it THAT much. The TV is the 100% canon truth to that fictional universe, so that pretty much means that, like a bunch of people already said, the comics can contradict the show however they please. And the thing about Princess Twilight not being in the comics...the comic writers said that they didn't keep up with the show, but since being a Unicorn was such a big part of the character's life, they weren't going to jump on that bandwagon so soon. I'm fine with that, anyway, I mean the comics DO have some liberties.

For any 1 who doesn't know there is a book released and it is canon. It says that Cadence was a Pegasus found in the forest and token into some kind of village. Some stuff went down involving some pony trying to spread hatred. she defeated that pony by showing it love and making it feel love or something like that. Then she got teleported like twilight to that one area where Celestia was. Then what happened to twilight happened to Cadence except she got a horn since she already had wings. And then poof crystal empire princess.
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